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Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff all of the questions you have about installation and care of your sod. With high quality products, we make it easy for you to establish a beautiful, healthy lawn in no time. Caring for sod does not have to be difficult.

Attain the landscape you desire with our beautiful sod. A sod lawn requires no special care. That's because the sod you get from us is already healthy and mature when installed. There's no worrisome establishment period for you to deal with.

When you purchase our quality sod, you get the very best product for those high traffic areas. You'll also be getting a product that grows reliably and provides a lush, green lawn that you need. Let our sod experts guide your selection decisions.

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• No special care necessary

• Water after installation

• Mow as needed

• Fertilize as needed

• Establishes itself in a couple of weeks

• Water as needed to keep moist

• Use weed control products normally

It's easy to take care of your new lawn:

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